How Texaco's pups get their names...

Texaco Starr of Alika Cotons was born in a Texaco gas station parking lot while we were taking her mother to our veterinarian. That inspired us to name pups in her litters on themes ranging from gas stations, cars, auto race tracks and drivers and all things Texaco. It seemed a natural. Still does. Of course when the pups go to their forever homes, their new families will probably choose another name for the pup, one suited to their new life. But in their official Coton de Tulear Club of America (CTCA) registered name, they'll always retain a part of their baby names, a reminder (to us) of their litter and the good times they had during this crucial stage of puppyhood development.

The name of the wee-tiniest member of this litter was almost inevitable. We named her MINI, after the Mini Cooper, a seriously fun little mighty mite (see, the name fits). Mini's doing well and is within a few ounces of everyone else now. In fact, when they're all playing together in their pen, it's difficult to tell her from her Black & White brother and sister.


Incidentally, the numerous Texaco models you see on this web site are Texaco Starr's. We began collecting them shortly after her whelping day and haven't stopped. Somebody here at Alika Cotons is obsessive-compulsive, and it's not Texaco Starr.

Okay, now that you see how this process works, click below on the Texas Corporation's DC3 airplane to see the rest of this special litter.

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