On November the 4th, 2007, Texaco Starr gave birth.

(and she is just as pleased with her pups as she looks! We are holding one above her here aas we check its condition.)

Texaco Starr of Alika Cotons and Rossy are pleased to announce their litter of four puppies. Labor began at 3:00AM.


Black & White female, 3.4 oz!


Black & White male, 6.0 oz


Tri-color male, 5.2 oz

12:30 PM

Black & White female, 5.4 oz

Here are the pups at just four days old. Texaco Starr is a very proud and supportive mom:


Of all the pups, a Black & White female we call "Mini-T" was the smallest we've ever seen with a birth weight of only 3.4 ounces. At first, we were quite concerned about her tiny size and birth weight...

But Tiny T never faltered (she is shown above two days old). She gained weight at the usual pace for a healthy puppy and in less than three weeks now weighs 12.7 ounces (as of 11/23).


Here's Texaco's brand new, private whelping room in her brand new home. We didn't even have time to hang her pictures on her wall yet. Note, while we live here too, the Alika Cotons own the place!

(c)2007 Alika Cotons

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