Texaco Starr's Litter:

Names & Portraits,

Part 1

With each Alika litter, we choose names for the pups that will remain with them on their Official CTCA Registration along with the name their new, forever family chooses for them. Thus if the puppy name is, say, "Tana," and their new owners choose the name "Filana," this pup's registry name would be "Tana Filana of Alika Cotons." Of course the new family may call the pup whatever they want, but in official matters, the Coton will always be "Tana Filana of Alika Cotons."

Texaco Starr's pups always have names with a strong tie to autos. This is because Tex was born on the way to the veterinarian's office (mother seemed reluctant to give birth). Tex's mother changed her mind en route and decided to deliver Texaco as I pulled into a Texaco gas station parking lot. For this litter, we honor the pups with the names of the Indy 500 stars of 2006!


Tex's first pup, a handsome White male, is named after America's premier race car driver, now retired: Mario Andretti. Mario is now the "godfather" of the three generation racing dynasty, all in evidence at Indy this year.

This is little Mario at just over 5 weeks of age. Below, he's now 8 weeks on June 8th!:


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