Texaco Starr
gives birth...

Texaco Starr of Alika Cotons and Rossy are pleased to announce their litter of five puppies born on Wednesday, April the 19th. Labor began at 3:00AM...

4.19.05 - 06:45AM

White male, 6.7 oz.

4.19.05 - 09:00AM

Black & White male, 6.5 oz

4.19.05 - 09:45AM

Black & White female, 6.1 oz

4.19.05 - 10:28AM

White male, 6.7 oz

4.19.05 - 12:35PM

Tri-color male, 6.3 oz

Here are some scenes taken on that happy day: Texaco licks her first born, cleaning him up immediately after birth.

Just born little Texy Tri-color male, cleaned a bit and umbilical cord just severed, rolls over...


Ah, time passes and we've been too darn busy to get the pups latest pictures up here on the web pages. Mea culpa. I am sorry. Some of what you missed, however, was not a pretty sight. Take, for example, this scene of a first attempt at weaning, a transition from the calm of the milk bar (above) to the scene below at three weeks of age!:

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