We have had great success with memorable pups produced by our Rossy and Sally, so we tried again this year. Little more than a week before delivery, we had Sally x-rayed and saw her six wonderfully formed puppies. You can see them below. I have enhanced the uterus region of the x-ray so you can clearly see the pups' spines and skulls. Also visible, but maybe not here on this web picture--are the puppies' shoulder girdles, pelvic girdles and limbs, complete with tiny clenched paws.

At 12:05am on November 4th, Sally entered 2nd Stage Labor. The first pup--a White male weighing in at 7.5 ounces--was delivered at 12:20am. Sally cuddled him, cleaned him with her kisses and protected him with her arm...

Shortly thereafter, Laurie helped him find a nipple for his first meal outside the womb. He didn't have long to nurse though because his brothers and sisters wanted to be born.

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