After much thought, we decided upon a name for this precious bundle of Black spots and love. We call her "Girigirika" which means, in her native Malagasy language: "Dottie." So she is "Dottie Junior," if you will.

Girigirika, "Giri" for short, is a bundle of energy and extremely poised for a 6 week old. Like her mother before, Giri is a "wiggle wort," she loves to be picked up, but she hates to sit still! So, her name is really "Girigirika W.W. of Alika Cotons."

Here are pictures taken when Giri went to the veterinarian for the first time. She received her first written Alika Cotons Health Examination and her first set of vaccinations. She passed all tests with flying colors.

All of us, especially the veterinarian, make the visits a fun experience for a puppy. Here, Giri is getting rolled and tickled.

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