We decided to breed Dottie one last time. She's been such a wonderful mother, and her mother had been such a wonderful mother--and her ancestors behind her for 30 years have been good, sturdy, loving mothers--that we wanted one more Dottie puppy to grace the world. Dottie, tested extensively by our veterinarian, proved more than healthy enough for a large litter, but I must confess I did not want her to mate as often as she should have. Because of that, only one puppy was conceived, a very special little girl born on August 12th at 3:26AM. It was as ever for Dottie: a simple, uncomplicated whelping, a mere one hour in Second Stage labor. Her newborn puppy is shown below seconds after her embryonic sac was removed, moments after she took her first breath.

Both Dottie and the pup's father Rossy are Tri-color Malagasy Cotons de Tulear. The pup, as you can see, is a well-marked Black & White female like her grandmother Josephine. She was an excellent birth weight of 7.0 ounces, not too large, just about perfect. This little beauty is certain to be spoiled rotten by her mother, her grandmother, her sister and her aunt in addition to Laurie and I and the rest of Alika Cotons.

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