Sally & Rossy's April 2007 Litter

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On April the 20th, without fuss or concern, our dear Malagasy Tall Coton de Tulear, Long Tall Sally, gave birth to seven beautiful, vigorous puppies.

Sally and her pups are shown here relaxing in her whelping box. They are three days old here. The little puppy with the heart-shaped marking on her lower back has become her mother's necklace for this nap.

Note that Sally's hair has been trimmed short to keep her cleaner for the birthing and infant rearing.

Here's the whole gang, shown at Day 3. Their weights are birth weight, in ounces and weight at Day 4. They continue to grow and develop very well.

  • puppy 1 - tri female - 8.2 , 10.4 -- she's being used as a pillow by the puppy in front
  • puppy 2 - tri female - 7.0 , 9.8 -- difficult to see; being used as a pillow by the third pup from the front
  • puppy 3 - tri male - 7.3 , 10.1 -- he's bring up the rear in the lineup
  • puppy 4 - b/w male - 7.6, 9.9 -- he's third from the front
  • puppy 5 - tri female - 8.1 , 9.8 -- she's in the foreground with her head on #1 female
  • puppy 6 - b/w female - 7.7 , 10.6 -- she's next to last in this line up
  • puppy 7 - tri male - 6.9 , 8.9 -- he's third from the rear of the line

The whole litter seems not to have a care in the world. What's to worry? The temperature is perfect. Mother does all the housework, and the spigot's almost always there for milkshakes. Black & White female number 6 reflects the litter's kick-back attitude below:

Note that Tri-Color female Number 5 has a heart-shaped marking near her butt (above).

Click above to see the individual portraits of Sally's pups taken on May 6th.

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