Sally's Pups' Adventures in Socialization

Socialization is critical to producing a well-rounded social animal whether a human or a dog. The breeders (that'd be us) must begin the process at birth, getting the litter used to different hands, noises, surroundings, dogs and even different food sources (to help stave off food intolerances). After the pups get their first set of vaccinations, we take the litter outside their Alika home to meet new sounds, scents, people and animals in the rest of the world. Our first stop is a grassy area in the parking lot of a shopping center. The pups in a pen are a magnet for many people and the parking lot provides a variety of interesting sounds and smells (cars, trucks, motorcycles, sirens). Next, the pups go inside stores, all piled happily into a shopping cart where they meet more people, sounds and scents. This goes on for about four weeks. They even visit an Alzheimer's home about 100 miles away (car trips with the noise and motion is crucial to socialization as well). It is a lot of work and responsibility but it's about the most fun you can have standing... um, er, well, you know what I mean. By the way, the process of socialization must continue with the pup's new forever family. We provide ample tips, hints and instructions to help the people and pups adjust nicely to their new lives. And we're always here to answer questions.

Here are miscellaneous scenes of early socialization. More stores and the rest home will follow these pictures in a week or two. Below, Bety makes a new friend in Vestal, New York.

Radama gets a belly rub...

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