On April the 24th, 2008, Long Tall Sally of Alika Cotons gave birth.

Sally and Rossy are pleased to present their litter of EIGHT puppies.

4:25 am

1: White female, 7.2 oz

5:35 am

2: Tri-color female, 7.4 oz

6:05 am

3: Tri-color male, 8.2 oz

6:25 am

4: Tri-color male, 6.8 oz

6:40 am

5: Tri-color male, 8.0 oz

6:58 am

6: Black & White female, 7.5 oz

7:08 am

7: Black & White male, 8.4 oz

7:35 am

8: Black & White female, 7.8 oz

The whelping was easy. Sally is a wonderful mother and she insured that every one of her tots received just the right amount of milk. They all gained weight equally well and have been very content with life.

A new soul on the planet. You'll see him and his brothers and sisters grow on subsequent Alika Cotons web pages. His name, by the way, is Cameron.

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