More about Miata,

Texaco's Last Chance Puppy!

Texaco Starr's puppy, Miata of Alika Cotons, had a great first holiday season, full of the wonder of seeing wondrous things for the first time -- wrapped packages of dog bones, trains circling an indoor illuminated fake tree, snow. Lot's of real, genuine, deep, blowing snow (this is, after all, upstate New York in December).

Through the magic of Photoshop, she even got to be held by Santa's elf as she awaited that fat guy with a beard (not me)...

Crucially, Miata's personality made her a big hit with her more mature relatives. She absolutely adores Dottie, her honorary great grandma, her half sib Perdita Valiha, her grand aunt Christie Kabary, her pet cat Shadow and more. She has genuine chutzpah and charm, which means she only takes after half of me. She sleeps well at the drop of a hat and collects toys around her constantly (in that, she takes after me completely)...

So stop back on site as we continue her adventure story. See her as she gets her liscence and drives her car.

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