Texaco Starr of Alika Cotons is proud of her last little tot, born on September 22nd, 2008. The little Black & White female was a singleton, all alone in the world growing up, so naturally we've showered her with attention. She returned our affection and you guessed it -- we bonded irretrievably. We have decided to keep her in the hopes that this gentle soul will do her mother Texaco Starr and her father Rossy proud.

We noticed that she was economical to maintain and run, she accelerated very quickly, has considerable endurance, a high top speed, is very, very agile and looks terrific. So we named her after our sports car, a Miata. Meet Miata the pup...

And here's her car:

Miata's first road trip (to our vets for her 7th week old check up and initial vaccinations) went predictably well. She's asking here "You are going to stick that thermometer WHERE??!!"...

Miata survived that indignity and her entire exam was passed with flying colors:

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