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The Snow Trip to the Vets

Dottie's Holiday Puppies are now Six Weeks Old and it is time for their first veterinary health examination and vaccinations. The day dawned snow covered and minus 8 degrees Farenhiet, with wind chills as low as -22! It was the very first time the pups left their cozy room. Miary, below, couldn't believe it...

Miary looks at you.

"You gotta be kidding me! It's below zero out there. We are puppies with a heritage that goes back to a tropical island in the Indian Ocean..."

But all was well. By time of departure for the Valley Veterinary Hospital, the temperature had reached a "toasty" minus three degrees. All puppies were fitted with snappy looking sweaters. They were cuddled together on a faux lamb skin in a Sherpa travel bag and situated mere inches from a warm car heater. They slept all the way to the vet's office. There, they were greeted by the staff and put through their rigorous Alika Health Exams by Dr. Diane C. Wittner.

"Rigorous" is an understatement. That's Miary again below getting inspected at both ends at once... eyes, teeth, palate, hips, knee joints, abdomen, heart and lungs, ears, pigment, coat, and more.

Miary checked at both ends!

Click on the spear tip again to see more of the pups at their 6th week examination...

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