Dottie's Pups Go to their Forever Homes, page 1

This is a time of great joy and sadness, too. We are always sad to see pups go away, but we are gladdened to know that they will be in good, loving hands and that they will make others happy. We look very much forward to hearing from their new families as the pups grow and develop further under their care. And we are always available at any time to help them, no matter how many years have passed.

For our first deliveries on March 5th, we put Jaojoby and Miary in the car and drove east past Bear Mountain, New York, to bring these pups to the home of Bob and Linda Criegier. They were awaiting Jaojoby, who fell in love at first sight...

Jaojoby left Bob's lap only long enough to snuggle into Linda's...

The Klein family from Long Island was waiting for us at Bob and Linda's house and we delivered Handsome Miary into their care. Shown below is Fred, daughter Ashley, Harley Miary and Jodi Klein.

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