Dottie's Holiday Puppies are now Seven Weeks Old and going for their first of many outings, page 1.

Going on tour

The pup's first big socialization trip is an hour-and-a-half's drive south of Alika Cotons at an Alzheimer's Assisted Care Living home in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. There, my mother, Roberta Russell receives the very best of care and struggles as her memories fade from view like footprints in the melting snow.

Cotons are, in our view, the ideal therapy dog. They empathize with humans to an almost unbelievable degree. In turn, few people can resist a smile when they meet a Coton.

At the Alzheimer's home, the pups met a caring staff and residents whose hearts were instantly lifted. The aging patients' memories of past tenderness, joy and love were, for some moments, brought to the surface of lives otherwise in decline. It is a rewarding experience for puppies and people.




RIGHT: Roberta E. Russell, whose husband, J. Lewis Russell, founded Oakshade Kennel, the first breeding program of Cotons de Tulear outside of Madagascar is now a resident of the Keystone Gardens. Roberta, 86 years old, has been loved by Cotons since 1974.

Roberta E. Russell

We transfer the pups from their car crate to their spiffy new stroller carrier and wheel them into the Gardens...

Laurie loads puppies into the stroller.

The adventure begins!! Click on the spear tip below to continue...

Pups look out from stroller.

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