Christie & Rossy's April 2007 Litter:

Portraits of the Pups at 6 weeks old (June 8th)

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This is a special time when all of the pups are given their puppy names. They will retain them, but their new owners will add their own choice in names to their Official Coton de Tulear Club of America registered names. Our tradition has always been to pick a theme for the names within a litter. This litter's theme is "Littoral Forests of the East Coast of Madagascar." These endangered habitats are a critical last refuge of the extremely important plants and wildlife of our Coton's native land. They are forests that exist on sand and they range from the coast to the tropical rain forests on the mountains to the west of them. I explored some of these littoral forests from 1973 through 1975, mainly in the Southeastern region of Madagascar.

Christie's Black & White Number 1 male is now known to us as "SAHAKA of Alika Cotons." He is proudly named after the Sahaka forest of the Northeast, near the port of Diego Suarez. The region featured prominently in the history of Madagascar, as an allied base in World War II and a hot spot of the Soviet-US Cold War.

The forest of Mandena (pronounced "Man-DAY-nah") is a rain forest, wet and filled with tiny Dwarf and Mouse lemurs, orchids and reptiles. It is a beautiful place with the perfume of flowers in the air. We named Christie's female puppy Number 2 after this exotic coastal forest. That's proud MANDENA, below...

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