Christie & Rossy's April 2007 Litter

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On April the 25th, between 1:50AM and 3:40AM, Christie Kabary gave birth to a litter of five colorful Malagasy Cotons de Tulear...

Here's the third pup born, a Tri-color male, taking his first drink just a minute or two after being born. All pups were vigorous and healthy and continue their superb development.

Note that Christie's hair has been trimmed short to keep her cleaner for the birthing and infant rearing.

Giving birth is a messy thing, but it is a beautiful thing , too. Here, Christie is licking the genital region on her second born pup while the pup nurses. In fact, all three pups are nursing which, in turn, stimulates milk production and uterine contractions. The latter are necessary because two pups are still in the womb and will be born momentarily.

Here's the whole gang, shown just after the last pup was delivered (which in the dog world is called "whelped."). Their weights are birth weight, in ounces and weight at Day 4. They continue to grow and develop very well.

  • puppy 1 - black & white male - 7.5 , 9.7 -- he's second from the left.
  • puppy 2 - white female - 8.3 , 10.1 -- far right.
  • puppy 3 - tri male - 8.2 , 10.0 -- he's on the far left.
  • puppy 4 - white female - 6.8, 8.3 -- she's in the middle of the food line.
  • puppy 5 - white female - 7.3 , 8.8 -- she's 2nd from the left with champaign patches.

Click above to see the individual portraits of Christie's pups taken on May 6th.

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