Introducing Christie Kabary's Last Litter!

Christie Kabary of Alika Cotons has always been an exemplary mother. This mating with Alika's Rossy is Christie's last one. She will definitely miss the joy of new motherhood, as she has always whelped quickly and well and cared for her tots with gusto. Here she is literally smiling after the birth of three of the four pups in this litter of November the 7th, 2008. Note the little glistening one, a girl, just born moments before this picture was taken...

And here are the three pups nursing, awaiting the arrival of the fourth and last litter mate. From left to right, there's a Black & White boy, a White boy and the Tri-color girl. The fourth pup, born about a half hour after this picture was taken, is a White boy:

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