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A Madgascar Coton de Tulear Club of America Code of Ethics Breeder.

We introduced this Malagasy breed to North America in 1974.

We are proud to maintain this rare breed outside the AKC!

Dorothea WW of Alika Cotons (aka "Dottie") is pictured in our logo at right.


Tulear, Madagascar, 1973

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Alika Cotons ("Alika" means dog in Malagasy)

by Robert Jay Russell, Ph.D.

& Laurie Spalding

Phone: (607) 693-2828 [New York]

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PLEASE NOTE: The stories of Alika's previous litters were removed to make room on this site for additional, new pictures and information. Additional pictures are now available in the CTCA's "The Official Coton de Tulear Book, Edition 2.0, CD ROM" for Windows & Macintosh computers," shipping NOW. For order information, click on the Coton NEWS menu below.

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